Who, What

Book Title Principals

Compass Club

Let Me Be The One

Brendan Hampton "North"
Libby Penrose

Everything I Ever Wanted

Matthew Forrester "South"
India Parr

All I Ever Needed

Gabriel Whitney "East"
Sophia Colley

Beyond A Wicked Kiss

Evan Marchman "West"
Ria Ashby

Dennehy Sisters

Wild Sweet Ecstasy

Mary Michael Dennehy
Ethan Stone

Rogue's Mistress

Rennie Dennehy
Jarrett Sullivan

Forever In My Heart

Mary Margaret Dennehy
Connor Holiday

Always In My Dreams

Skye Dennehy
Walker Caine

Only in My Arms
Mary Dennehy
Ryder McKay

Hamilton Family

More Than You Know

Rand Hamilton
Claire Bancroft

More Than You Wished

Briana Hamilton
Lucas Kincaid

Marshall Brothers

Midnight Princess

Christian Marshall
Jenny Holland

Passion's Sweet Revenge

Logan Marshall
Mary Catherine McCleary
   aka "Katy Dakota"

McClellan Family

Crystal Passion

Salem McClellan
Ashley Lynne

Seaswept Abandon

Rae McClellan
Jericho Smith

Tempting Torment

Noah McClellan
Jessa Winter

Tidewater Promise

Courtney McClellan
Cameron Prescott

Thorne Brothers

My Steadfast Heart

Colin Thorne
Mercedes Leydon

My Reckless Heart

Decker Thorne
Jonna Remington

With All My Heart

Grey Janeway
Berkeley Shaw

The Colorado Cowboys

A Touch of Forever

Lily Salt
Roen Shepard

A Touch of Flame

Dr. E. Ridley Woodhouse
Ben Madison

A Touch of Frost

Phoebe Apple
Remington Frost

McKenna Brothers

The Devil You Know

Wilhelmina "Willa" Pancake
Israel McKenna

This Gun For Hire

Calico Nash
Quill McKenna

Bitter Springs Series

In Want Of A Wife

Jane Middlebourne
Morgan Longstreet

Boots Under Her Bed

Felicity Ravenwood
Nat Church

True To The Law

Tru Morrow
Cobb Bridger

The Last Renegade

Lorraine Berry
Kellen Coltrane

Other Books

A Place Called Home

Thea Wyndham
Mitchell Baker

Kissing Comfort

Comfort Kennedy
Bode DeLong

Marry Me

Rhyne Abbott
Cole Monroe

Never Love A Lawman

Rachel Bailey
Wyatt Cooper

The Price of Desire

Olivia Cole
Griffin Wright-Jones

If His Kiss Is Wicked

Emma Hathaway
Restell Gardner

One Forbidden Evening

Cybelline Caldwell
Christopher Hollings

A Season to be Sinful

Alexander Grantham
   aka "Sherry"
Lily Sterling

The Captain's Lady

Alexis Danty
Tanner Cloud

Scarlet Lies

Brooklyn Hancock
Ryland North

Sweet Fire

Lydia Chadwick
Nathan Hunter

Velvet Night

Kenna Dunne
Rhys Canning

Violet Fire

Shannon Kilmartin
Brandon Fleming

Short Stories

The Baby Dream

Ian Reynolds
Annie Moses

Liberty Christmas

Liberty Christmas
Reade Cunningham

My True Love

Raleigh Montgomery
Linden Street

A Basket of Magic

Abby Winslow
Dylan Kincannon