Short Stories

Liberty Christmas Liberty Christmas
A Christmas Caress anthology

Nov 1993

Answering an ad for a mail-order bride is the most daring thing Philadelphia-born Liberty has ever done. But the snowy wilds of Montana are warm compared to the icy welcome she receives from her husband-to-be. Is Liberty fated to feel lonely and onloved forever - or will this be a Christmas to cherish?

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My True Love My True Love
A Gift of Joy anthology

Nov 1995

Christmas in San Francisco brings a make-believe betrothal to a reluctant bridegroom and an even more reluctant bride. It will take faith, trust and the magic of love to heal two wary hearts. . .and make a cherished dream come true. . .

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The Baby Dream The Baby Dream
Baby Dreams anthology

Jun 1996

In Jo Goodman's The Baby Dream, a stranger named Jake may unlock the secret of Annie's birth. . .and her lover's heart.

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A Basket of Magic A Basket of Magic
Magically Delicious Kisses anthology

Nov 2002

When shy, quiet Abby Winslow travels to the isolated home of recluse Dylan Kincannon on a whim, she never expects to find the usually glowering mountain man desperately weak from illness. The poor man could perish unless Abby's herb infused goodies can nurse him back to health...and into her heart...

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Tidewater Promise, in anthology Christmas Rendezvous, can be found on the McClellan Family page.

Cover art and blurbs are reprinted with the permission of Kensington Publishers.