Marshall Brothers

Midnight Princess
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Her Defiant Heart / Midnight Princess

Marshall Bro. Book 1 first released Nov 1989 reprinted 2013

Saving her...

He swore he was done fighting battles, so it is against his better judgment that Civil War veteran and war hero Christian Marshall agrees to aid in the escape of a mysterious young woman confined to a New York City asylum. When his plans are thwarted by the very woman he is trying to rescue, it is yet another painful reminder that good intentions count for nothing, and that all painful reminders are best drowned in a bottle of good whiskey and the arms of a whore.

Saving him...

It is more by accident than design that Jenny Holland finds her way to Marshall House, but once there, she recognizes it as the respite and refuge she's been seeking from the horror of the asylum. Safety, though, comes at a price, and Jenny knows that to remain in this sanctuary and guard her life-and-death secrets, she must find some way to make herself necessary to the dark and dangerous master of the house. The most difficult part of serving at the will and pleasure of Christian Marshall is the certain knowledge that being his mistress will never be enough and that healing his wounds means exposing hers.

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Passion's Sweet Revenge
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His Heart's Revenge / Passion's Sweet Revenge

Marshall Bro. Book 2 first released Apr 1990 reprinted 2013

She owed him her passion...

Logan Marshall was not looking for Mary Catherine McCleary when he found her, but once their paths crossed for a second time, he was not about to let her go. Here was the girl who had betrayed him during the war, all grown up now, the toast of the New York theatre scene, and using a stage name to hide behind. It did not matter to Logan that the playbill said "Katy Dakota," he knew she was his Katy, an actress even before she learned to make a living at it when she lulled him into lowering his guard and abandoning his common sense, and then sent him to the most notorious prison the South had to offer a Union spy.

He would have his revenge...

She had never forgotten him. He was her first love, the man she had wanted above all others, her knight, her friend...her enemy. Katy Dakota knew what Logan meant to claim from her this time around, and the revenge he would exact would be as exquisite as it would be damning. As the publisher of the New York Chronicle, he could influence her career, her acceptance in society, but that paled in comparison to his influence over her as a man. She could run, escape, but was being a prisoner to his passion worse than what she had done to him? Could it be that in the end revenge cuts both ways?

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